YouTube to remove clickable links in Shorts comments, descriptions due to spam

In an attempt to prevent spammers and scammers to continue to share links in Shorts comments and descriptions, YouTube announced a handful of long-overdue changes. Since these clickable links posted by spammers and scammers usually lead users to malware, phishing, or scam-related content, YouTube will no longer allow clickable links to be posted in Shorts comments and descriptions.

Although the service already has systems and policies in place capable to detect and remove these kinds of links, many spammers and scammers have found ways around the system, which is why YouTube has decided to take additional preventative measures to make it even harder to take advantage of users via links.That being said, starting August 10, clickable social media icons from all desktop channel banners will no longer show, YouTube announced today. Additionally, starting August 31, links in Shorts comments, descriptions, and links in the vertical live feed will no longer be clickable.

To provide creators with alternative options to showcase their important links, YouTube Shorts will add “prominent clickable links” on channel pages. These will be available for creators beginning August 23. Viewers on mobile and desktop should start seeing prominent clickable links on creators’ channel profiles near the “Subscribe” button.

Shorts, YouTube’s alternative to TikTok, has grown considerably since its launch back in 2021. The amount of content published on YouTube has increased at a speed that completely overwhelmed the service, which is why we’re seeing a lot of spammers and scammers taking advantage of Shorts.

Last but not least, YouTube revealed plans to introduce a safer way for creators to direct viewers from Shorts to their other YouTube content by the end of September.

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