The Nokia T10 budget tablet drops to its lowest price on Amazon

With its small 8-inch IPS LCD display with AI face recognition, the device is just what it is: a cheap Android tablet for those who need something basic. With its two integrated speakers at either side of the slate and a headphone jack (yes, those still exist,) the Nokia T10 should be ideal for casual browsing and binge-watching. We wouldn’t advise testing its performance in demanding titles, as it’s not powerful enough to give you an exceptional experience.

Nokia added an 8MP back camera and a 2MP front snapper. You might say that’s not enough, but keep in mind that few people grab their tablets when they want to take an awesome pic. What we like about this device is that it has a second screen feature. This one allows you to pair the budget device with a Windows PC and use it as a second screen when necessary.
Although it might not be stunningly good under the hood (and over, for that matter), the slate sports a sturdy build to protect it from accidental damage. Then again, knowing its parent company, HMD Global, we’d say it’d be a surprise if it didn’t have a touch shell to make it more able to withstand those unpleasant scratches. Battery-wise, the slate should last you about 12 hours of video-watching, which is impressive for such an entry-level device. Additionally, this bad boy comes with Android 12 out of the box. Nokia promises two years of OS updates, which is still relative, given that the tablet emerged in 2022. HMD Global also delivers three years of monthly security updates.
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If you’re a fan of compact tablets, you’d undoubtedly like the Apple iPad Mini 6. As might be expected, though, this device arrives at a hefty price tag few can afford. Fortunately, in the world of tech, there are plenty of alternatives. Take the Nokia T10, for example. It’s a small and budget tablet, which is now available at its lowest price on Amazon. So, if you wish to get a new slate at a bargain, you might want to check out this deal.While there’s nothing particularly impressive about this device apart from its appealing price tag, it should still meet most people’s basic needs. And now that it’s available for 24% less than usual, it might be even more appealing to bargain hunters. Of course, if you want something small but more powerful, you can always check out the best small tablets you can buy in 2023.