Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 updated with Always On Display improvements

It’s not much, but the update does add a bit more functionality to the Always On Display app, even if that means just fixing a bug and improving some of the already existing features. Don’t forget to check for Always On Display version to benefit from all the changes.


Another interesting change included in the update is related to memory usage, which has been improved in certain cases during Galaxy Z Flip 5 cover screen actions.

Along with the Galaxy Z Fold 5, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is Samsung’s most recent flagship. Although neither brings too many improvements over the previous models, they remain some of the best foldable handsets currently available on the market.

Regardless of whether or not they bring anything new over the predecessors, Samsung believes there’s always room for improvement. The updates that both phones have received in the last couple of weeks are evidence that Samsung is looking to iron out all the issues that have been found by users or its team of engineers, while also smoothing the user experience.

Over the weekend, Samsung released a small update for its Always On Display app, which allows those who use the company’s phones and tablets to customize how the display functions and what looks like.

The update has been specifically aimed at the Galaxy Z Flip 5, which is getting a few improvements that should further enhance user experience. Spotted by SamMobile, the latest Always On Display app update changes the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s cover screen so that when you use an informative/graphics type clock, the clock style does not change even while roaming.

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Although this is not truly a new feature, it does make the already existing feature work as intended. Before the update, a bug made the clock style change in various scenarios, so you have to customize the cover screen again.