Pixel 7a deal offers the rare combo of affordability, performance, and incredible camera chops

If you want a phone that’s under $500 but doesn’t skimp on performance or camera quality, you definitely have a tall order. Luckily for you, the Google Pixel 7a is on sale at Best Buy and it fits all your desires.

Google’s Pixel a series phones are the standard by which other top budget phones are judged. In many ways, the Pixel 7a is better than Google’s previous affordable phones. It provides nearly the same experience as the flagship Pixel 7 – which starts at $599 – in terms of speed and camera capabilities.

The Pixel 7a costs $499 and at the moment, it’s $55 off at Best Buy, so you can get it for only $444.

It has a 6.1-inch screen with a faster than standard refresh rate of 90Hz for smooth scrolling. It’s powered by the same Tensor G2 chip as the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, so you get nearly the same flagship performance as phones that cost several thousand dollars more.

It even has a higher megapixel count than the Pixel 7. The main camera is 64MP and the ultrawide shooter is 12MP. The front-facing camera is 13MP. It captures detailed images in all sorts of lighting conditions and can also sharpen blurry photos taken from other phones or devices.

The Pixel 7a has a 4,385mAh battery and will easily get you through a full day of general use.

The phone doesn’t have wireless charging and and it only comes in the 8GB/128GB configuration, so if you have moved away from wired charging or want more storage, you might want to consider another option, but for everyone else, the Pixel 7a delivers an experience that’s very close to premium phones. It will get five years of security updates, which is more than what phones in this price category usually get. 

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