Garmin rumored to aid Google with SOS via satellite for Android in 150+ countries

While these findings are indeed fascinating, Rahmouni advises against overhyping and points out that until a Google-Garmin collaboration is made official, nothing is certain. Android 14 is just around the corner and we’ll see what this version will actually bring in terms of alternative connectivity options and satellite messaging features.


Apple’s much talked about Emergency SOS via satellite feature is making the headlines more and more lately – stranded in remote places without cellular coverage, iPhone 14 owners can (and when they need, they do) get in touch with emergency services via satellite messages. Now, Google wants to get into the life-saving business by offering SOS via satellite option and allegedly is to get help from none other than Garmin.Android 14 will reportedly bring some sort of SMS via satellite feature to hardware-compatible devices and Google is already working on revamping its Google Messages app interface (via Android Authority). X (Twitter) user Neïl Rahmouni spotted some UI placeholders reserved allegedly for the upcoming satellite messaging feature in Google Messages. According to Rahmouni again, there’s a suggestion to be found in the app code that points in the direction of Garmin and its eventual collaboration with Google.

In contrast to Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite which is available in a handful of countries as of today, Garmin’s satellite SOS service is available in more than 150 countries, covering all seven continents.

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If true it could mean that Emergency Satellite messages would be available in 150+ countries

Looks like Google Messages may use Garmin Response for the Satellite Emergency SOS