Enjoy an amazing sound and ANC for less; grab a pair of Apple’s high-end AirPods Max with a sweet discount

Apple’s AirPods have always been among the best earbuds out there. But it appears that the company wanted to have a piece of the headphone market as well, and in 2020, it released its shiny, high-end AirPods Max headphones, which, unsurprisingly, are among the best headphones you can buy.

Of course, as a true high-end Apple product, the fancy AirPods Max cost an arm and a leg to get. However, thanks to Amazon’s current 13% discount, these fantastic headphones are now $70 more affordable, making them an attractive option for deal hunters in search of a new pair of outstanding headphones. That said, this sweet discount won’t be available forever, so if you want to get a pair of AirPods Max for less, it would be wise to pull the trigger on this deal right now by tapping the deal button below.

In true Apple fashion, the AirPods Max have a stylish, clean design and deliver incredible sound. Their sound profile is clean and highly detailed, with a good amount of bass. Also, the headphones support Apple’s Spatial Audio, which makes sound three-dimensional and more immersive.

In addition to their awesome sound, the AirPods Max offer great active noise cancellation. Turn their ANC on, and they will silence most of the noises so that you can enjoy one incredible listening experience. And for the moments when you just have to know what is going around you, for example, when crossing a busy street, the AirPods Max pack a Transparency Mode, which will let you hear almost everything around you.

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The headphones also have pretty decent battery life. They offer up to 20 hours of listening time on a single charge.

As you can see, the AirPods Max are pretty awesome indeed. But the most awesome thing is that they can now be yours for less. This is why we strongly advise you to take advantage of this deal and save on a pair of brand-new AirPods Max headphones while they are still discounted on Amazon.

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