Apple Music silently gets a new algorithmic feature

There’s no telling what exactly the new feature does other than providing Apple Music users with music they might like but haven’t heard before. At first glance, this seems to be Apple’s answer to Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature, although we can really confirm it until we hear from the Cupertino-based company.

The second biggest music streaming service in the United States is not that far behind Spotify, which is leading the US market as of March 2023 with 44.4 million subscribers, as opposed to Apple Music’s 32.6 million subscribers.

It’s also important to mention that Discovery Station is live on mobile, desktop, and web app, but if you don’t see it yet, give it a few days as this seems to be a staged rollout.

Dubbed Discovery Station, the new feature is supposed to play a curated selection of music by taking into consideration the user’s listening habits and tastes. The new algorithmic feature hasn’t officially been introduced, but MacRumors found the link that directs Apple Music users to Discovery Station.

The new feature reportedly appeared for some Apple Music users in the “Listen Now” tab in the “Stations for You” category, so we’re expecting Apple to make an announcement of sorts regarding Discovery Station.

If you’re using Apple Music for your entertainment needs, you’ll be happy to know that the streaming service has just received a new feature that allows you to find new artists to listen to quicker and smoother.

While Discovery Station won’t bring Apple Music millions new subscribers, at least it will level up the field a bit when it comes to functionality. We’ll update this when/if Apple releases any new details about Discovery Station. Until then, feel free to check it out yourself if you’re a subscriber.

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